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About Us was founded in 1992 by a group of psychotherapists who wanted to provide an easier way for you to find a trustworthy therapist. We are a listing service providing information about Seattle metropolitan and Bellevue area counselors and psychotherapists. All counselors and psychotherapists on this website are in sole private practice, and are licensed by the State of Washington.

How do you find the best counselor for you?
Read the profiles of the professionals on our site. The profiles contain information about experience, specialties, and insurance. You can search by location, by specialty, or simply by reading through each profile.

Choosing a counselor is a personal decision and often it will be a combination of factors that leads you to your decision. Counselors are individuals with their own personality and style in addition to their experience and training. We hope that reading the profiles will give you some sense of the person before making an appointment. However, meeting the person face-to-face is the only way to know if this will be a good fit for you. For more guidance on finding a counselor, read Guidelines on Finding a Counselor.

What does it mean to be licensed?
The State of Washington requires counselors and psychotherapists to be either licensed or registered in order to practice counseling. Licensure requires a graduate degree, additional years of experience and supervision, a state administered test, and ongoing continuing education training credits.

The Site.
We hope your experience with our site is positive. If you have concerns, please relay them to the counselor or psychotherapist you choose so that we might learn about your experience here.

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